About Me

Hello there! I’m Nora, a 21-year old dreamer and adventurer who loves thinking and writing about inspiring thoughts and ideas. I enjoy sharing snaps of beautiful little moments and stories about the people I’ve met and experiences I’ve had and what they taught me. I write a lot about motivation, finding your passion and growing as a human being. Finding the joy and habit of creativity and balance, how to start reaching your dreams and build confidence, live fearlessly and stretch your comfort-zone. Life isn’t always that easy so I also write about mental health: finding ways to tackle anxiety, depression and other demons, learning to accept them and live with them. With my writings I want to remind you and myself to focus on gratitude. Do what you love, learn to love yourself and smile a bit more day by day.

Some of my favourite things in the world include plants and flowers, animations, photography, card games and poems. And cats.

Definitely cats.