About Me

Hello there! I’m Nora, a cat lady and a dreamer. I love writing and drawing about motivation, mindfulness, dreams, creativity, self-love and inner peace. Life isn’t always easy so I also write about mental health: finding ways to tackle anxiety and depression, and learning to accept them and live with them.

I enjoy self-development and am always learning new things, reading new books and listening to motivational speeches, and I love sharing the lessons I’ve learned, stories of people I’ve met, experiences I’ve had and what I have learned about myself.

With my writings I hope to inspire growth, creativity and authenticity. I want to remind you and myself to focus on what really matters. Do what makes your heart sing, learn to be kinder to yourself and breathe a bit deeper day by day. You can follow my creative journey on my Instagram page.

Some of my favourite things in the world include plants and flowers, animations, photography, card games and poems. And cats.

Definitely cats.