When I feel motivated, it’s the BEST feeling in the world. Life seems to go on smoothly, it feels like the sky is brighter and the birds are singing more beautifully than ever. I like to think it feels like wearing rose-colored glasses, like you’re in love, but you’re loving life and your goals instead of a person. Ideas keep on coming and challenges seem like something you can overcome.

On the other hand, nothing lasts forever and the worst but inevitable feeling comes back some day: we become unmotivated, lost, empty, tired of it all, feeling like there’s nothing left to give except giving up. Sometimes it hits you without a reason at all, and it can be frustrating.

Some pictures from my walks this winter. 🙂

Of course those negative feelings are normal and it happens to all of us sometimes. I personally like to do these things every time I fall and need to get back up again:

1. Mental health -check

Firstly, lack of motivation can be very closely tied to your mental health situation. Motivation to keep living and doing your best leads to motivation in every area of your life – motivation to put effort towards goals, cleaning your house, working out and treating yourself in a kind way. Those things can feel impossible to do when you’re struggling with your mental health, so if you’re unmotivated, try to find out if there’s a bigger issue and something that demands attention.

2. Soul searching

This is always a good thing to do when you are setting new goals. We should also come back often to re-evaluate the situation, especially when we feel like we’re losing touch of those goals. You can try to “wake yourself up” by focusing on your why and doing some up-to-date soul-searching. WHY do you want something done and WHY are you feeling unmotivated?

These are also good questions to think about:

It’s important to realize that setting goals that feel wrong can absolutely affect our motivation and mental health. Make sure your goals are in line with your own values and that they support your overall health or at least do not harm it. Find a way how these can work together.

3. Listen to yourself but take action

I think when we feel unmotivated we have to listen to ourselves and give ourselves what we need. Sure, it can mean that you simply take a good break. Let yourself sleep well. Gather your thoughts. Focus on the negativity and let it out. Take one, two, three days off from working on whatever you want to work on. But taking a break only works so long before it starts to feed your negative feelings.

I think it’s better to feel unmotivated and still do what is needed, than to feel unmotivated and like a failure because you’re not doing what is needed.

There’s usually a big difference between what we want to do and what we need to do. I’ve found that the most efficient way to get back up after a low moment is to just take action and work on anything you know deep inside matters to you a lot and makes you happier in the end. Sometimes you just can’t wait around for motivation. Even if you can, doesn’t mean you should.

Self-discipline is not a superpower that some have and some don’t. It’s a skill you can learn, a muscle you need to use for it to grow. “Fake it til you make it” is a cliché but does work. Just like I’m doing right now, pushing through by writing this post and that way telling myself that YES, I can do this no matter what my negative feelings try to tell me. 

That feeling can be the most empowering thing – showing yourself that you can and you will, and nothing can stop you, not even those negative feelings that come and go. It can give you an enormous amount of motivation to keep going.

Don’t forget that every time you fall, you learn a little more about yourself. Every time you get up, you grow a little taller. There’s always a lesson to be learned so that next time you’ll stand a bit stronger, a bit wiser, a bit more focused.

I have also written a post called 10 ways to be more productive if you’d like to check that out.

What makes YOU feel motivated? What’s your best tip when it comes to getting back up? Tell me in the comments or on my IG page. ❤️

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