You know the feeling when you have a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear? Anyone who has ever had to wait for me to get dressed has heard me moaning in front of my wardrobe unable to choose what to wear for the day. I’ve always loved clothes and dressing up, and I firmly believe what they say about what you wear affects your mood for the rest of the day and also shows the world who you are. So, imagine my horror when I realised the other day that my wardrobe no longer looks like me.

It’s been three years since I had to show up in a public place (school) every single day. I always had a fashionable outfit on back then. After graduating I’ve enjoyed my freedom of not having to dress at all due to having days off frequently. When my mental health sunk, so did my interest in what I wore. I started using only yoga pants and hoodies, and it was so easy: the reality of today is that you can wear yoga pants to more places than jeans. Ah so comfortable.

Now that I’m feeling better mentally and would like to wear something else than those, I realised my wardrobe is filled with clothes that really don’t look like me anymore. It feels like during these years I’ve slowly changed and grown. Suddenly my old clothes seem so teenage-like to me and I’m already past that. Now I crave a classier wardrobe.

When I was younger and walked into a clothing store, anything with bright colours, interesting patterns or an edgy cut would catch my eye. Definitely also the face of Mickey Mouse. I didn’t want to wear anything simple and never touched neutral colours. My wardrobe is and has always been a mix of everything and it took me a long time to realise that’s exactly why it’s so damn hard to dress up: nothing matches. Lol, lmao and a gracious facepalm.

So what is my thing these days if not edginess?

Besides a different style, a change of attitude. Thanks to reading some Marie Kondo last year, I understood the beauty of simplicity. I no longer want to have a lot of things in my home and that includes clothes. Turns out you really don’t need more than basic colors like black, white, grey with occasional blue and red. It makes it easier to have less, everything goes with everything and you spend less time choosing what to wear.

Before, I didn’t really care about how the clothes feel on me when I wear them, the most important thing was how they look. These days I’d never buy a shirt that tickles me, no matter how pretty. Also definitely nothing with a cheap, thin fabric.

Overall in my life I’ve come to a place where I appreciate harmony more than standing out. In the language of clothes: style over fashion. 

So after realising I need to make changes, I ended up decluttering my wardrobe and will give away or sell most of my clothes. There’s a lot of them and I’m proud of myself. This is the first time that I felt like I was truly honest with myself about what I would wear and which of my clothes I’ve only kept because they remind me of nice memories, that’s all. Those memories are in my head, not in the clothing itself so it’s time to let go.

Then I had to do some research and google style inspiration to find what pleases my eye today: classy femininity with turtlenecks, blouses and longer skirts. Lots of them.

In all honesty I’d wear beautiful gowns everyday if I could, sadly we’re not living in the Victorian era lol. So as a modern-day woman I screenshotted a bunch of pics and headed to second hand shops.

I did what I never had done before, I bought a grey shirt. I even bought an army green shirt! And they both look great! There was a shortage of nice skirts so that’s something I gotta keep searching for.

I found great deals and even though it’s an ongoing project, this is a very good beginning. There’s a great amount of power in the clothes you wear and you absolutely should think about what you put on yourself. It affects the way the world sees you and more importantly it affects the way you see yourself. 


My tips to changing your style:

  • Find inspiration for what you want to look like
  • Buy second hand, it’s cheaper and much less polluting
  • Try new things, break away from your old habits, attitudes and beliefs
  • Declutter your closet, keep (and buy) only what you know you’ll wear and be honest
  • Don’t keep anything way too small or too baggy or anything with holes

And last but not least, smile to the mirror no matter what you see because a smile is still the most beautiful thing you can wear. 😊

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