Am I something that happened to me once, or the people that are in my life, or the job I’m in? Or does my health or amount of money define me? Does my appearence define me? Most interestingly, WHY do these things probably define me in your eyes?

I’ve always found this “who are you” – question to be very confusing and I never know exactly what to answer. Not because I don’t know myself, but because I do.

Very often people ask “so what do you do in your life” in job interviews, social gatherings and so on. What do you mean, what do I do? How much time do I have to answer? They probably want to hear about my jobs, hobbies and freetime leisures but I have a hard time talking about any of that. Those things might be a part of me but they are not who I am, and even if you know those things about me, you still don’t know me. What I answer right now won’t be accurate anymore in a week, in a month or a year. I’m a human being, constantly changing and evolving, and I’ll keep doing it until the end of my time.

Yesterday I loved pilates, right now I’m into kickboxing and tomorrow it might be swimming. You might draw a conclusion that I’m a sporty one, but sometimes I want to lay in bed for months. Does that mean I’m a couch potato? Not exactly. Does it mean I’m depressed? At times maybe but then I rise back up smiling, ready to tackle the world. It’s all just a cycle. I’m not any one thing, and neither are you. I refuse to put myself in a box. I’m like water: I change as the environment changes and always aspire to keep flowing.

So now that I started a blog I felt like I should introduce myself to everyone reading this, but I realised I don’t know how, and then I realised that’s what defines me the best. Maybe this post is a good answer. I like to think, analyze and grow, even though sometimes I don’t want to think about anything at all. I’m a restless soul looking for ways to reach my dreams, but at times I just want to chill and play online games for hours. I love learning more about myself and making self-discoveries while I’m very much aware I can never complete the task.

But wait, these are not the things you’re supposed to say when you’re asked to tell a little bit about yourself. People always want a straight answer and if you struggle to give any, you’re insecure or overthinking. I simply refuse to summarize myself. I say: you’re allowed to NOT know who you are and who you want to be. You’re allowed to change your mind and create plot twists and turns whenever you feel like it. You don’t have to put a title on yourself in the middle of the story because after all, your story is still oh so wonderfully unfinished.

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