As the coronavirus keeps spreading, more and more people around the world are told to self-quarantine in their homes. Even more people are told to avoid close human contact while restaurants, museums, libraries, gyms and bars close their doors. This forces people to come up with new things to do. Many people have found themselves bored at home and even scared of solitude. Most probably try to brush it off by mindlessly scrolling through social media for hours. It’s so tempting, I know, but there really is value in being alone with your thoughts without interruptions and I think these days it shows mental strength to be able to do that. Why is it so scary?

I think solitude is scary because it forces you to be with yourself, and many people do not find that enjoyable. That might be because of insecurity, lack of self-love or even hidden mental health issues that have never been handled properly, or because you don’t really know how to entertain yourself. That’s an interesting problem but luckily creativity can be learned. Or maybe you don’t find it enjoyable simply because you don’t know yourself. Guess what! Being alone is the best and juiciest time to figure that out. Nobody is whispering into your ear and you are on your own with your thoughts, fears, dreams, issues, hopes and flaws. I personally find it kind of refreshing and as a chance to work on myself. 

In my opinion, it is much needed that solitude – especially in this situation – forces people to think about who they really are without all that external stimulus. Who are you and why are you here? When faced with challenges, we all find ourselves thinking about what really matters in our lives but on the other hand it makes us think about our morals. 

Take a self-reflective walk if you can.

Even if you lose your job, do you still have something to be grateful for? What kind of risks are you willing to take to keep your business running? How much are you willing to pay for a bottle of hand sanitizer? How many rolls of toilet paper do you need and should you leave one package for the person after you? When it comes to panic-buying, are you ready to empty every shelf in a supermarket to make sure your family survives until next New Year, even if it means that some elderly people can’t find anything to eat because everything’s gone? Rough times man.

Should you stay home or still go to work even when you kind of have a hunch that you have a flu coming but you’re still not very sure? Should you save your money in case worse times are ahead or should you support small local businesses?


These are very real questions right now and we’re all in a very interesting situation which I bet we’ll never forget. A lot will change in this world – for the better, hopefully. If you find yourself in solitude during these times, you absolutely should be thinking about how you react to all of this. Most of us are always running from the last activity to the next without ever sitting down. How about you take this time to stay home, breathe in and really listen to what your mind has to say. If you are that type of person who just can’t sit still doing nothing, you can write things down or build a puzzle. You can learn some more about yourself, sometimes even things and thoughts that surprise or disappoint you. Don’t avoid it, that’s how you grow!

During a crisis like this, perhaps the most important question of them all is still this one: are we, as a human race, selfish in our core or is it more natural for us to come together in challenging times?

What do you think?

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