The pressure to always be productive is high in today’s society. Everyone is expected to get things done, to progress, to keep moving and working on goals. No one wants to be seen as lazy. No one wants to be the one who says they have done nothing all summer to be honest. 

While I’m someone who’s always talking about goals, I’m also the first one to admit that it’s a LOT to ask yourself to always keep going. Damn, sometimes I just want to forget about it. And I’ve come to a conclusion that it’s healthy and even necessary.

Somehow we’ve started to live this YOLO (you only live once) mentality that this is the only chance we’ve got to do everything we want. To go places, do things we’ve always dreamed of because tomorrow might never come #bucketlistlife. Which is true, we must live in the moment and carpe diem, “seize the day” because none of us will live forever. But maybe sometimes thinking about those goals far away in your mind, might stop you from living right here, right now.

Have you ever had anxiety over how much you have to do, for your goals? I have. I know I have a mind full of dreams (hence the blog name haha), which turned to goals, which somehow turned to responsibilities. That might be common for high-achievers but how crazy is that? Things that bring us satisfaction can become sources of stress, shame and regret.

But how much is enough though? 

The answer is balance, like always. Too much of anything tends to make us people go out of balance. If you notice a lot of stress coming from the things on your to do- list, it might be good to take a step back and rethink your priorities. 

In this society there are things you have to do, and there are things you simply want to achieve for yourself. However, we tend to gather even more things to do that are not even necessary. Focusing on a few important things can help you keep a balance and stay as productive as needed. Sure we only have this one life but it’s not really enjoyable if all you’re thinking about is where you need to be next. 

Social media plays a big part in this nowadays and it’s quite important to keep an eye on what you feed yourself with. I used to follow many motivational accounts and felt pretty good when my feed was all about getting shit done. But whenever I wanted to relax and scrolled through those, I felt stressed. Like I should be doing something productive right now. All the time. That’s not even realistic! There are quotes like “you’ll have time to rest when you are dead” but that’s just plain toxic. Rest is how you recover.

There are people who always say the timing isn’t right, I’ll do it tomorrow, next year and so on, and they never do. I don’t think anyone who wants to “make the most of this life” wants to end up that way. Sometimes though, it’s indeed very comforting: that trust that we have time. We have time for our goals and it’s okay if this week, month or year wasn’t just right for it. 

We are not meant to “get shit done” every day of the year.

Expecting yourself to keep moving all your life can be toxic and could easily lead you to a burnout. After all we are just humans, not machines. Your mind and body need rest and the most efficient way is mindfulness. It’s good to practise how to just let yourself be. Just exist. Just breathe in and out. No rush, no hurry, nowhere to be, nowhere to go, nothing to do, no one to talk to, nothing to think. Just living in this moment. 

Who knows, learning to do that could actually be the most important accomplishment in your life.

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